CompTIA Security+

Security+ Certification is the primary course you will need to take if your job responsibilities include securing network services, network devices and network traffic. It is also the main course you will take to prepare for the CompTIA Security+ examination.

Topics covered include: identification of security threats, hardening internal systems and services, hardening internetwork devices and services, securing network communications, managing a PKI, managing certificates, enforcing an organizational security policy & monitoring the security infrastructure.



Chapter 1: Security Fundamentals
  • Module A: Security concepts
  • Module B: Risk management
  • Module C: Vulnerability assessment

Chapter 2: Understanding Attacks
  • Module A: Understanding attackers
  • Module B: Social engineering
  • Module C: Malware
  • Module D: Network attacks
  • Module E: Application attacks
Chapter 3: Cryptography
  • Module A: Cryptography concepts
  • Module B: Public key infrastructure
Chapter 4: Network fundamentals
  • Module A: Network components
  • Module B: Network addressing
  • Module C: Network ports and applications
Chapter 5: Securing networks
  • Module A: Network security components
  • Module B: Transport encryption
  • Module C: Hardening networks
  • Module D: Monitoring and detection
Chapter 6: Securing hosts and data
  • Module A: Securing hosts
  • Module B: Securing data
  • Module C: Mobile device security
Chapter 7: Securing network services
  • Module A: Securing applications
  • Module B: Virtual and cloud systems
Chapter 8: Authentication
  • Module A: Authentication factors
  • Module B: Authentication protocols
Chapter 9: Access control
  • Module A: Access control principles
  • Module B: Account management
Chapter 10: Organizational security
  • Module A: Security policies
  • Module B: User training
  • Module C: Physical security and safety
Chapter 11: Disaster planning and recovery
  • Module A: Business continuity
  • Module B: Fault tolerance and recovery
  • Module C: Incident response

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