CompTIA Server+

In this course you will cover: different types of servers; identification of hardware and software components used in servers; installation of servers in a network environment; configuring servers and checking and upgrading BIOS and firmware levels; preventative maintenance measures including setting SNMP thresholds; upgrading server hardware and software; exploration of environmental issues surrounding servers; troubleshooting servers & exploring disaster recovery concepts and techniques.

Learning objectives:

  • Introduction to Servers
  • Investigating Different Types of Servers
  • Identifying Server Types
  • Identifying Server Hardware
  • Identifying Parts of Computer Subsystems
  • Identifying Components of the System Processing Core
  • Identifying Drive Types and Implementations
  • Identifying Components and Features of the Communications Subsystem
  • Identifying UPS Types
  • Identifying Server-specific Components Found in Other Subsystems
  • Identifying Network Operating Systems and Other Software
  • Identifying Network Operating Systems Features
  • Identifying Other Server Software Installing Servers
  • Planning for Server Installation
  • Discussing the Planning Process
  • Adding Server Hardware
  • Installing Server Hardware
  • Discussing Rackmount Servers and Physical Installation Verifying the Installation
  • Verifying the Hardware Installation Upgrading Server Components
  • Creating and Using Upgrade Check Lists
  • Discussing Upgrade Check Lists
  • Adding and Replacing Hardware
  • Upgrading Server Software
  • Installing NOS Updates
  • Updating Drivers Exploring Environmental Issues Surrounding Servers¬†
  • Evaluating the Physical Security of Servers
  • Evaluating the Sever Room Equipment


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